About JOGG

We are building and facilitating a national and international network dedicated to making society healthier for every child. 

JOGG is working towards a 'Lifestyle transition' from unhealthy to healthy. But society cannot be changed in one day. 

Together with a broad network of more than 200 Dutch municipalities, various civic organisations and businesses, we aim to ensure that all children and adolescents grow up in a healthy environment. A society in which it is both possible and normal for every child to eat healthy food and get enough exercise, rest and relaxation.

Facing a complex challenge

Our youth is growing up in an obesogenic environment that encourages people to make unhealthy food choices and discourages them from being physically active. 

The way our environment is designed and how people live makes it hard to make healthy choices. This is certainly true for children, and their caregivers as well. Some groups of children, both between and within countries, are more affected than others, but worldwide 1 in 10 children is overweight or obese as indicated by the World Health Organization.

But it is clear that actions aimed at the individual alone are not enough.

Healthy youth, healthy future

Every child has the right to grow up healthy. To grow up in an environment which makes the healthy choice the easiest choice. 

This is why JOGG works internationally, nationally and locally with the JOGG approach to make those places healthier where children and adolescents spend most of their time. That includes school, the neighbourhood, the sports club, the petting zoo, adventure parks and on social media, of course.

The JOGG approach is a holistic approach based on the principle of ‘Health in all policies’ which is rolled out in JOGG municipalities at the policy (local government), executive (professionals) and neighbourhood (residents) levels.

For a real change, we need to create a society where it’s possible and easy for every child to eat healthy and get enough exercise. All policymakers and professionals from all industries and sectors, nationally and internationally are needed. Marjon Bachra
Managing Director JOGG

Based on our approach

Potentially, we are reaching 1.686.575 Dutch children and adolescents. And are proud of these achievements:

Meanwhile, more than half of the Dutch municipalities are part of the JOGG movement. We also worked together with various national partners.

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Do you want to work on the lifestyle transition? Sign up for the e-learning: Challenging the obesogenic environment – Towards a Community-Based Approach.

Tackling excess weight and obesity is a major and complex issue facing governments, organisations and programmes worldwide. Despite cultural and local differences, the challenges we face are surprisingly similar. This is why Maastricht University and JOGG joined forces to create a free e-learning: Challenging the obesogenic environment – Towards a Community-Based Approach (CBA).

What can you expect?

This course aims to teach you to set up a local CBA. Applying a CBA involves going through a number of phases. Each chapter will take about 1 hour. The course has a total duration of 4 hours. The course is self-paced, which means you can follow it on your own, and at any time.

Chapter 1 Introduction and setting expectations.

Chapter 2 begins by explaining the value of the approach and what makes it different from usual initiatives aimed at preventing obesity. Understanding the fundamentals will enhance your ability to convince your partners of the need to apply CBA in your own community.

Chapter 3 outlines the first steps of a CBA, the mapping and setting up phase.

Chapter 4 guides you through the implementing phase, showing you the steps you need to develop your goals and a strategy for realizing those goals.

Chapter 5 guides you through the learning and refreshing phase, instructing you on the process of monitoring & evaluation and creating long-term change.

Each chapter has one or more assignments attached. The purpose of these assignments is to get you actively working with the material and thinking how you can apply it to your own situation.

After you have completed the course, you will receive a certificate of participation. You can download this from the learning environment.

More information?

Send an email to cecile.prakke@jogg.nl and receive your personal inlog code.

Did you know that we work cross-domain with the JOGG approach in order to create a healthier environment? This is how we build a future in which everyone can grow up healthily.